More than just a Dog Shop

People ask us what we do at our shop and it's sometimes difficult to explain EVERYTHING. So i thought i would put together this short blog which will hopefully give you a fuller impression of what we are all about.

Dog Grooming is probably a great place to start.

Gayle (owner) looks after all our grooming. As we have 13 dog's of our own we feel that we understand dog's pretty well. For some dog's it can usually be quite a stressful time going to the groomers but we try and encourage a very positive experience. 
No dog's are kept in cages at any time of the appointment. It's strictly a One on One experience for the dog and no other dog's will mix or be around it at the time of the groom. We like to make a bit of a fuss of the Dog's but at the same time an air of calmness is very soothing for them. 

We use a nice range of shampoo's and soaps. From Animology through to a beautiful range of completely natural soaps from Willow and Plum Soap Co. Both are available to buy from our shop.

Beautiful range of healthy dog food and treats at a great price

Our range of Dog Food varies from good quality Working Feeds like Skinners and Alpha right through to highest quality like Burns and Lily's Kitchen.

We have a good hypoallergenic range and also cater for Dog's that need a grain free diet.

If your Dog is having feeding problems please pop in and we will help.

 Howling Dog Alaska & Non Stop Dogwear

Howling Dog Alaska & Non Stop Dogwear

 Lily's Kitchen

We have the best equipment from the best suppliers to kit you out for these sports. We not only stock the biggest names but compliment this range with our own range of Equipment. 

Our prices are very competitive because we deal direct.....please check out the brilliant FREE offer below...

The cooler weather is soon to come and to kick start the new season we are giving away a fantastic start up package with either of these two excellent Dog Scooters.

All you need to do is purchase one of these Kick Bike Scooters through us and you will recieve a FREE HARNESS (Howling Dog Alaska AND BUNGEE LINE (Bonzo's) to get you started.

This a fantastic offer....get in quick before we change our mind!!

Competition Time

Ok folks time for a nice little competition to help us launch our new range of fantastic accessories.

All you have to do is look at the pictures on the right and do..........3 things!!!

  1. Share this blog with your friends

  2. Choose your favourite design and tell us in the comments why.

Winner gets to choose their own collar and lead from the collection

Please spend some time looking at the products and services on the rest of our website and look us up at our shop in Kirkcaldy.

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 Me and my Dog's

Me and my Dog's